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The Gauvin County Scholarship Fund of Aroostook Aspirations Initiative was launched in April, 2014, by Ray and Sandy Gauvin and Jason Parent, life-long residents of Aroostook County, Maine. The Gauvin Fund and its allies are dedicated to helping the young students of Aroostook County, Maine, realize their dreams of attending college through scholarship and maintaining a successful career, stemming the out migration of youth from the county and giving a boost to the Northern Maine economy.

The organization strives to educate students about the educational opportunities available to them right here in Aroostook County, Maine. AAI has worked extensively with businesses, superintendents, principals, guidance directors and teachers to ensure that all students are aware of these opportunities. Each year, Aroostook Aspirations Initiative awards college scholarships and grants to students across the county to help them pay for college expenses.  In addition, AAI has created several support programs to ensure successful college completion for the scholars.
Aroostook Aspirations Initiative is dedicated to the education, inspiration and leadership of the future generations of Aroostook County youth, especially students who are at risk for completing a college education. AAI is always looking to grow our network and provide opportunities for people within the community to get involved. If you live in Maine, and are interested in learning more about how you can help stem outward migration of young people from our area and have a positive impact on our local economy, please read through our website or contact us today!

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