Benefits of Being a Gauvin Scholar

The Seven Pillars of Success

Aroostook Aspirations Initiative will award a $1,000.00 scholarship to high school seniors in Aroostook County that plan to attend the University of Maine at Presque Isle, University of Maine at Fort Kent, or Northern Maine Community College. These colleges will provide an additional $1,000 award to the Gauvin Scholar during their second year. Those who graduate from Northern Maine Community College and transfer to Husson University-Northern Maine campus receive an additional $1,000 their third and fourth years of college. As the Scholarship Fund grows, we will expand the length and breadth of these awards.

Gauvin Scholars receive more than just the scholarship. In addition to the funding, Gauvin Scholars are inducted into a comprehensive program designed to help them succeed both when in school and when they enter the workforce. In order to maximize the success of our students in their future social and employment endeavors, we require our Gauvin Scholars to participate in the following services:

LAUNCH: First year scholars become familiar with the college environment, building self-confidence and goal-oriented enthusiasm as they embark on a college education. They discuss the challenges, excitement, opportunities and stresses of college. They "break the ice” of transitioning to a college life by meeting and networking with other students, conversing about new classes and majors and making connections to campus services.

ADVANCE: Second-year scholars develop skills that advance professional opportunities, such as leadership, resume building, and interviewing. Aroostook County business and community leaders host components of the weekend and provide a networking opportunity for students.

Night With the Stars Gala: Our Night With the Stars Gala showcases our Gauvin Scholars and provides our students the opportunity to network with local industry and education leaders. During the gala, AAI also presents several awards: Mentor of the Year, Innovative Educator and Business of the Year.

In addition to the required programs, Gauvin Scholars also have access to:
Internships: Opportunity for scholars to test career paths, meet potential employers, and professionally network in areas of interest through the Internship Hub of Aroostook program
Entrepreneurial Weekend: A two-day event that includes community entrepreneurs and Gauvin Scholars interested in starting their own businesses.
Mentoring Opportunities:Scholars also receive programming that includes ongoing mentoring and professional/personal development activities.

In today's economy, many students struggle to meet the financial demands of a postsecondary education, and this scholarship may provide the funding needed for a county resident to pursue and/or continue their postsecondary program, graduate and become an outstanding citizen of the county.

Durward Huffman

President Emeritus, Northern Maine Community College